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I consult with you on

To prospective clients I want to say:
As one example I want to point out, and with permission… “If I can take the Schutte-Clan where NO structure with reference to the Family Forum, the silent driver of Family Business, existed whatsoever, and within 1000 days unlocked focus on People, Profit and Planet”, then… I solemnly declare that a positive impact will show on your balance sheet and in the end, I absolutely understand that the outcome stands paramount to YOU making use of FABASA.

I was not successful every time, but I learned immeasurably about the Family business and how to manage it with the least amount of conflict and diminutive emotions.

Moving precipitously forward.


I am fascinated by ideas; I find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. I accumulate information, ideas, artifacts, and relationships. When faced with any scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. I work hard and I have a great deal of stamina, I take immense satisfaction in being busy and productive. I like to make a big impact, I am independent, and prioritize projects based on how much influence they will have on our Legacy or the people around us. I had to maneuver amongst emotional land mines, political sparring, nepotism in its rawest form, a father’s love, the previous dispensation (on either side), the married-in laws, the lucrative four legal practices the nineteen prosperous businesses operating every day, the aspirations, and imminent dreams. I lead with strategic thinking; I keep everyone focussed on what could be. I constantly absorb and analyze information and help the family to make better decisions. I endeavor to continually stretch the thinking of my Family for the future.

I am currently the Trustee of the Family Forum and have recently given the reigns over to two prodigies, Simone Schütte and Wilmari Möller. They are young, they are brave, they are ambitious, and they have ONE main aim at heart –
• how do we move forward as a constituent and
• how to not leave anyone behind:
They are the sharp-witted future of the Schütte Legacy.

Sareta has been an incredible asset to our Family Forum and has gone above and beyond to strengthen and improve our family. She brought our family closer together, while also emphasizing the importance of our family morals.
She managed to identify each one of our strengths and weaknesses, which not only improved us as individuals but also as a family unit.
Simoné Schütte
Schütte Family Forum Chairperson

I am proudly signing off as Matriarch…a remarkable gift and privilege that I cherish. It allowed me to be fearless, a role model and a cheerleader for every milestone in my Clan. The abundance of unconditional love has no end. And I cherish the countless memories.


When we think of someone as an inspiration or a mentor we always envision a strong figure, someone we aspire to be and whom we look up to. For me as well as our Family Forum this person is Sareta Schütte. Not only is she a role model for young adults of the Murchison Holdings group, but a stable rock to all who face troubling times. Sareta, much like her husband Frans, always puts family first. She is the clearest example of unconditional love. For Sareta it’s all about experience, something she strives to teach her grandchildren daily. Loving, compassionate and caring are only some of the thousand words we can use to describe her. If there is one thing we all have learned from Sareta and who she is as a person, is that no matter what, she will always be there for you, never letting you fight a battle alone, never letting you get left behind. She is a motivator, always pushing us to achieve our goals and reach for the stars because we know that if we fall or fail she’ll always be there to catch us. Everybody in the Family Forum knows that there’s no safer place than with Sareta and the Schütte legacy!

Wilmari Möller
Möller Family Forum Chairperson