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It is our privilege to introduce to you Frans and Sareta Schütte, our distinguished (yet humble) leaders with brilliant business acumen.



Although Frans and Sareta Schütte only got married in 2017, they’ve felt the intense connection between them as if they’ve been soul mates since the beginning of time.

High on love and life, and both brimming with fresh ideas, they started building on to the sturdy family business foundation Frans has amassed for the past 30 years. Brick by brick the fortress of the Schütte Legacy Group of Companies came to a realization. Within this fortress, Frans gave birth to our core values: Stewardship, Integrity, and Piety. Sareta fuelled the drive to implement a world-class standard of service delivery to support and unite the diverse group of companies. Being the great torchbearers they are, they not only implemented the Family Forum to look after the wellbeing of the family members but also invest in the conservation and sustainability of wildlife and natural resources – aligning with the value of Stewardship and their belief that everything they work for is for the betterment of the next generation to come.

The Schütte Legacy Group of Companies are managed by a combination of family members and a uniquely skilled group of individuals. They are not only experts in their specific fields but they also buy into Frans and Sareta’s vision for the family. We endeavor to be a consistent and valuable speck in the universe, driven by passion, honoured with humble encounters, grateful for the combined wisdom we can share and blessed by all we have.


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