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The Schütte Legacy is more than a group of companies; it surpasses the definition of a mere family. It embodies the intricate nuances of trust and loyalty, accompanied by unpretentious gestures of generosity and passion. The legacy proudly declares the essence of persistence and preservation, while softly whispering the boundless love that binds it all together.

FRPS Holdings
The holding company of the Schutte family.

Frans Schutte & Mathews Phosa
Law Firm
White River, Mpumalanga

Murchison Holdings
The holding company of Sareta Schutte

Braemar Farms
Schutte Agriculture
White River, Mpumalanga

Cottondale Game Ranch
Schutte Agriculture
Letsitele, Limpopo

Arch and Arrow
Schutte Hospitality
White River, Mpumalanga

Schutte Agriculture
Letsitele, Limpopo

Mulati Safari Camp
Schutte Hospitality
Letsitele, Limpopo

Siluwe Safari
Schutte Agriculture
Letsitele, Limpopo

CGR Feeds & Fodder
Schutte Agriculture
Letsitele, Limpopo

Sojourn Guest House
Schutte Hospitality 
White River, Mpumalanga

Idwala Carriers
Schutte Logistics
Tzaneen, Limpopo

Reign Fashion
Schutte Group
Pretoria, Gauteng

Kilima Garden Route
Schutte Hospitality
Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape

Kilima Franschhoek
Schutte Hospitality
Franschhoek, Western Cape

Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa
Schutte Hospitality
Gravelotte, Limpopo

Saturn Management
Schutte Management
White River, Mpumalanga



Meet the visionary behind it all, Mr. Schütte, whose roots run deep in the unforgiving yet breathtaking landscapes of the deep Northwest farming province. From the howling bitter winters to the sunflower-strewn summers, his journey began amidst the contrasting wonders of nature.


In those early years, he embraced the rich fusion of Tswana and Afrikaans cultures, growing up alongside cherished companions—Butsele, Tontok, Nkagisang, Mukudu, and their sister Eginjan—bound together as if family, their parents Anna and Samuel, true friends and soulmates.


Life on the farm meant milking cows, driving wire tractors, and attending farm schooling, all seasoned with the delectable flavors of Konka fried guineafowl and maize porridge—a humble yet satisfying sustenance.


Amidst the vast blue skies and the blossoming yellow sweet thorns, a profound connection to the earth took root, becoming the guiding force behind every humble endeavor that followed, blessed by the Grace of God.


The Schütte Legacy is a tribute to this enduring bond with the land, where the echoes of the past resonate with the dreams of the future. Stay tuned as we unravel the inspiring chapters of this remarkable journey.


Within the Schütte Family’s group of companies, is a well-established value system:


Punctuality, Loyalty, Credibility, Wisdom and a Watch before your mouth.


Philanthropic, Humility, Caring, Respect, Balance, Faith and Loyalty


Honesty, Punctuality, Willingness, Ownership, hardworking, Positivity and Passionate

The above mentioned values are the foundation from which our interactions and relationships stems. It leads to transparent communication and trust. Without trust we cannot be stewards of the Schütte Legacy and without respect there cannot be love.


In the enchanting embrace of summer rains, a timeless bond is forged between the soul and the earth.  As the heavens open up, the deep taste of farmland emerges, mingling with the excited call of crested Francolins, painting a picture of pure bliss. This harmonious melody served as the intoxicating elixir that captivated the Schütte Clan since the early 1980s, igniting an insatiable desire for more of the same.



The Schutte Legacy Group of Companies are managed by a combination of family members and a uniquely skilled group of individuals.

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